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Project Description

Animated Video

Camino is a great company that provides business loans for small businesses. They hired us to do an animated commercial and voice over explaining their process. These guys were a blast to work with. Click below to watch the video.

Camino Financial from Binge! Creative on Vimeo.

Video is all the rage

Users are incredibly more likely to remain engaged if your page has video. Camino Financial wanted an explained video for their website. They also used this video as a marketing piece and blasted it all over social media.

Story Board

Story boarding is the key to making the video creation process run smoothly. Working closely with the client, we wrote out a script and then custom designed the characters to match the script. We took their initial idea and came up with a story board for them:

We came up with a story board and worked through an editing process.


This website explainer video was a blast to create. Let’s make one for you. Contact Us!

Project Details