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Project Description

Church Branding

Bethany Reform Church approached us because they were in a unique situation. They had been around for a long time and with a change in leadership, saw a need to modernize their look. The goal was to come up with a new church branding and once the branding was decided, develop a website.

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We worked hard to pull inspiration from their church property and come up with a church branding that matched the look and feel of the church itself. Here are some images from the church:

We wanted to use the unique crosses and the stripe of stained glass to communicate a mosaic type of feel with the branding.

We came up with the colorful, fun logo.

It also played well with other formats:

Once the logo was established, we moved onto the website.

The church wanted to manage and update the website themselves, so we decided that WordPress was the perfect option. We developed a theme, integrated their church branding and set it up on their hosting account. Then we transferred all of their old website content to the new site. This was a laborious process, but one that paid off big in the end. They required the site to have podcast abilities and wanted it to match the look and feel of the church and the new branding.