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Project Description

Antiques Company Logo

AJB Collectibles is an antiques company logo business based out of Rancho Cucamonga, California.  AJB Collectibles is a antique hunting company that hunts all across the country. It’s a little hard to seem legitimate when you are knocking on random doors asking to root through their garage. They reached out to us to come up with a logo design and some print materials to legitimize what they are doing.

They needed a logo designed that would match their aesthetics and communicate a professional brand. We also made some custom price tags and t-shirts that came out fantastic. The branding tag we created for them to put on materials in their consignment stores across Southern California. These really standout amongst the other small stickers and paper tags the other stores use. What better way to seem legitimate than to have your logo brazen across your back? We made these shirts in super soft cotton and shipped them onto the customer. Your graphic design company is no good if they aren’t willing to go beyond their scope of work and reach out to other companies to get the job done!

The thing about a logo design is it can’t just stop at the simple mark.

When creating an antiques company logo, having other assets to use on print materials, websites, or whatever else you are branding is very important. Being able to spread your brand further with these additional assets is KEY! Here’s a fun pattern we used on their brochure handouts.